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We are Georgina and Lucía, founders and teachers at Presente Perfecto, an innovative Spanish school in Houston.

We specialize in the instruction and practice of the Spanish language through a fully immersive experience. If you say Hi! we answer ¡Hola! 

Presente Perfecto is a flexible and dynamic teaching style for you to learn, practice, and improve your Spanish language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Our approach is mostly communicative and targeted to your specific objectives.

We rely on materials from a recognized publisher specialized in Spanish books with real current contents and functional topics, as well as diverse digital resources. Programs are always enriched with multiple cultural activities to make learning effective and fun… Paella classes anyone?

Why choose PRESENTE PERFECTO to learn Spanish?

Academic and contemporary teaching style

• We specialize exclusively in Spanish classes. 
• Fully immersion experience. Spanish is spoken from the day one.
• Our method is communicative, and our main focus is task-based (context of daily use).
• We promote different activities of critical dialogue and entertainment.
• We can handle different types of audiences, programs, and goals.
• We go to your space, you come to ours, or we see each other in the virtual space.

Teaching resources: knowledge, prestige, and current facts.

• Our instructors are professional native speakers and dynamic promoters of Hispanic culture.
• Experienced teachers trained and constantly supervised.
• We work with prestigious publishers books and programs; for both, the general course and any personalized plan.
• Our programs are mostly digital.



  • Private or group classes.
  • Online or face-to-face instruction.
  • We create the PERFECTO plan for you depending on your level or needs.

In Presente Perfecto you will be able to:

Tell us "HOLA"

¡Que ellos te lo cuenten!
Nicolas Testimonio

Hello, my name Nicolas,  I am a high school senior student. I started studying Spanish in 6th grade because I wanted to learn a new language.  The first two months were  fun, but then the grammar became complicated and more projects were added. I have already been studying Spanish for 6 years. Mrs. Lucia’s help was crucial for me, she made my learning more fun and interesting.

Nicolas McIntosh


Testimonial 1

Hello, my name is Jung Kim. I am from South Korea and I have been living in Houston Texas for 40 years. When I was young, I did not think that learning Spanish was very important, but now, I think it is very very important, for several reasons. 1) My beautiful wife is from El Salvador. 2) My wife’s family do not speak English very much. 3) I am a Houston Police Officer and there are many people who live in Houston that do not speak English.

Jung Kim.

Houston Police Lieutenant.

Testimonial 2

We have been students for nearly a year.  We have enjoyed our twice weekly classes. Our teacher, Lucía Rodríguez,  has proven to very proficient and also very professional in her methods.  Her upbeat, positive personality has made our classes to be both educational and fun.  In our classes, we have also had many discussions on customs, culture and lifestyles in many of the Spanish speaking countries.  This had added a helpful context to our studies.

David y Diane Seaman


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