A Friendship in Presente Perfecto

We look forward to incorporating American people into the Hispanic community through our style.

Soy Georgina

I inherited my love for Spanish from my mother. 
I began reciting poetry at an early age. Over time, I became an actress and communicator as well as a linguist
and cultural manager.
I have a concentration  in Social Communications, a Master’s Degree in Linguistics and Language Teaching, and a Doctorate in Cultural Management. I have been a professor of phonetics, grammar, communicative competence and related subjects in Spanish for 25 years at the University of Zulia in Venezuela. Teaching Spanish is what gave me the greatest satisfaction, and joy during my career.
I love movies, dancing, literature, cooking, and sharing with people, especially if it is in Spanish. 
I am the Academic and Pedagogical leader of Presente Perfecto. 

Soy Lucía

I am an architect passionate about structure,
beauty, and the Spanish language.
After a long and successful career as an entrepreneur in my native Venezuela, I decided to travel to the United States to teach Spanish.
I obtained my degree in architecture from Simon Bolivar University
and completed my studies with a specialization in Spanish Language and Latin American Literature.  I have a Diploma in teaching Spanish
as a foreing language.  I have developed expertise in transmitting the structure of the linguistic system; highlighting the links of the Anglo structure with the beauty and sound of the Spanish language.
For me, being a language instructor is not just about teaching
a foreign language. It is about sharing your culture while
encouraging students to do the same.
I am the Executive leader of Presente Perfecto.

Our teachers


Ilse Chemaly

I come from a multicultural family so it’s easy to tell that my passion for languages roots in my parents and grandparents. My father spoke French and learned Spanish to such a skill level that he was able to write poems in both languages. Poetry, arts, and history were the daily bread at home. It is the transmission of traditions, cultural aspects, particularly from Latinamerica, that enthused me to teach Spanish.

I hold a BA in Political Science and I got a master’s degree from Escuela Diplomatica of Spain. International relations has been the core of my latest 35 years. I led a cultural and academic language center for 23 years which gave me the managerial perspective. I specialized in teaching English as a foreign language and Spanish as a second language, developed and managed various programs for various audiences, and learned the needs of the students as well as of the teachers.


Angélica Figueroa

I am an enthusiastic teacher from Ecuador with more than twelve years of experience as a language teacher. My passion for my profession has let me travel to different countries as Australia and United States of America teaching not only my mother language, but also a small part of my culture. I have a bachelor’s degree in Educational Science, and a Certification to teach Spanish as a Second Language. I have had the opportunity to teach different ages from kids to adults in different levels.

To be a teacher has been one of the most wonderful things of my life, I have interacted with many people from different cultures, and customs that have allowed to me to understand the importance of learning a new language. My goal is continue teaching Spanish adapting to the necessities of people in order that they can learn this wonderful language and develop their skills as the same they do in their own mother language.

How can you learn to speak PERFECTO Spanish?

Our offer is based on the following guidelines


The sequential course is a general Spanish course. All our Spanish classes involves  four communicative skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing. We use the common European Framework of Reference of Languages (CEFT) and its competence levels: beginners (A1, A2), intermediate (B1, B2) and advanced (C1, C2); 100 hours/level.

We evaluate your communication skills to place you as:
– Beginner
– Intermediate
– Advanced

Each ranging consists of six broad levels, and each level consists of 10 lessons to be completed in 100 hours, depending on the dedication and progress of the student.

We recommend two hour classes twice a week. Each level also includes cultural and conversational practices and assessments.

Paso a paso

Con la meta clara

Zoom Spanish Classes in Houston


In the personalized plan we offer a customized option for those wishing to learn in an accelerated pace, for specific purposes.

We can customize any Spanish lessons plan according to the linguistic and communicative competence of the student.

In such cases, the student may not fit into a traditional leveled plan and requires a personalized plan to improve the weaker skills during the early phases of instruction.

Fluency and grammatical skills do not always develop at the same rate, so tranquilo, you could have your personalized plan.

  • Linguistic adjustments
    Sometimes you are very good at grammar but a very bad speaker. We offer leveling in pronunciation, intonation, grammatical reinforcement, accent reduction.
  • Specific fields
    Do you need to learn the oil field jargon in Spanish, have a Hispanic patient who does not speak English, or need to deal with clients who communicate exclusively in Spanish? Then this plan is for you.
  • Specific purposes
    Do you want to learn how to order a beer in Mexico, talk to a cab driver in Barcelona or, book accommodations in Patagonia? Then this course is for you. These classes are ideal for individual and small groups wanting to learn the commonly spoken Spanish for specific purposes


Together we can create courses and workshops to practice and improve your communication skills in Spanish. Special activities include cooking classes, Spanish songs, movies review, conversational Spanish, book clubs, and Spanish theater.

Technical and creative writing:

Because we know that writing evidences memorized linguistic correction and creative writing especially demands the use of literary, abstract, emotional, and implicit resources, we offer processes to empower them.

Conversational Spanish:

The practice of conversation while the language learning is very important to make fluid use of the contents that are acquired. It is also very important to preserve and progress in what has already been learned from the language.

Book/Reading Club:

Sharing Hispanic readings, enjoying the discussion of the stories and the value of writing, is a good strategy to expand  the development of a language.

Spanish movies reviews:

Sharing the experience of watching movies in the target language, discussing their plots and subplots, not only helps to listening comprehension but to enhance the fluency of speech.

Spanish Theater:

Reading or memorizing theater is an exceptional practice for the intonation registers, the improvement of the pronunciation, the approach to the Hispanic psychological culture, and the security of speaking in a foreign language.

We propose multiple  and real activities to have fun and practice Spanish like Latin cuisine, shopping, phone calls, and more.

Prácticas de ocio

Let PRESENTE PERFECTO put your Spanish in action!