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Personal questions

¡Hola! ¿Qué tal? -Bien, ¿y tú? Hello, How’s things? -Fine, and you? ¿Cómo te llamas? -Me llamo Georgina / -Soy Georgina What’s your name? ¿De dónde eres? -Soy de Venezuela / -Soy venezolana. Where are you from? ¿Cuántos años tienes? -Tengo cuarenta y ocho años. How old are you? ¿A qué te dedicas? -Soy profesora de español. What do you do? . Print and share in social media #spanishperfecto .

8 Untranslatable Spanish Words

Lee este artículo en español. In Spanish we have many expressions and words that perfectly define some actions that do not have  an exact translation in English. Some accurate words that precisely describe something you are doing or feeling and you wish to have them in your language. There are even  emotions that  can not be expressed , because other languages do not have words for them. That is the case of Querer y Amar, these words can describe different degrees of love. Some Spanish words capture and describe much better what you want to say. Learning Spanish unlocks new ways to express ourselves in these words-that-don’t-quite-translate. Sometimes it takes a whole phrase to attempt to translate the meaning of… Read More »8 Untranslatable Spanish Words

Are you moving to Spain?

Lee este artículo en español. Are you thinking of moving to Spain? Yes, you will discover an amazing country. You will find more than  sun, sea, tapas and sangría.  It is a country with history, a sense of community, diversity, and extraordinary natural beauty. With a famously laid-back lifestyle and a recovering economy Spain is appealing to a growing number of people, especially those  who have learned  Spanish. As any other foreign culture you need to fit in well. The knowledge of culture will make it easier for you to adapt, and remember a big part of the culture is the native language. We strongly recommend taking Spanish classes before you decide to set off this adventure. Remember if you… Read More »Are you moving to Spain?

Talking about home

La vivienda.

Complete these sentences related to household chores using: la aspiradora, los platos, las luces, las plantas, al gato (the vacuum cleaner, the dishes, the lights, the plants, the cat).

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