Do you speak “portuñol” and want to talk in Spanish? Learn some tips here.

Lee este artículo en español / Leia este artigo em espanhol Did you know Spanish and Portuguese are 90% similar? Yes, it is true  9 out of 10 words in these two languages ​​look the same. Both  Spanish and Portuguese are Romance languages. It means they derived from Latin,  the language of the Roman Empire. Despite that, native speakers could not understand each other because the remaining 10 percent is very different, especially pronunciation and syntax. Also, between Brazilians and  Spanish speakers from America, the typical speech speed of those living near the coasts will make communication impossible. To understand each other, they will have to know and introduce changes in the target language. Ah, but thanks to the vocabulary… Read More »Do you speak “portuñol” and want to talk in Spanish? Learn some tips here.

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Adivina adivinador, el género gramatical en español

Si eres estudiante de español tal vez te hayas preguntado, o le hayas preguntado a tu profesor qué es lo más difícil de aprender del sistema del español. Nuestra respuesta es: -la cantidad y uso de pronombres,-la cantidad de conjugaciones de los diferentes tiempos de los verbos,-el género y la concordancia. De inmediato, al responder, agregamos:Los dos primeros se aprenden en el progreso de niveles de complejidad, con calma y paso a paso. Vamos haciendo develaciones, explicaciones, y práctica. El tercero, el género y su concordancia, si bien es cierto que tiene principios gramaticales que hay que conocer, no será sino con la identificación y uso de la palabra como se registrará en la memoria con el género que le… Read More »Adivina adivinador, el género gramatical en español

Words derivation. A very useful practice for intermediate levels

Read this article in Spanish Remembering vocabulary is one of the most frequent difficulties for second languagestudents to face. There are many useful strategies for them to use: word lists, memorization, mind maps,word family branches. However, there is one that is not frequently, because it deserves a bitof explanation and attention from the teacher, and it corresponds to intermediate levellearners. Let’s go to share an idea of vocabulary expansion Spanish practice; not by memorization,but the autonomous creation the student can do once he recognizes the paradigm of wordderivation; just as a native speaker does without even thinking about it. Look at the following table to identify what is similar in the categorized words columns;that is the base or root of… Read More »Words derivation. A very useful practice for intermediate levels