Dinah Bromberg. Researcher on inclusion of people with disabilities

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🗣️ In this listening comprehension practice, for intermediate and advanced students, we chat with Dinah Bromberg, an architect, teacher and researcher on inclusion of people with disabilities in different social fields. A very interesting talk that leaves us ideas and vocabulary for reflection. 💭 I give you 5 words that are principles to start your reflection:✔️ Seguridad✔️ Autonomía✔️ Normalidad✔️ Comodidad✔️ Dignidad 🎧 Escucha la conversación, familiarízate con el español hablado, y seamos juntos mejores ciudadanos. For INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED SPANISH LEARNERS

La odiante

Podcast de Prácticas de Compresión Oral
Nivel Intermedio y Nivel Avanzado

Narrado por Georgina Palencia.

Hoy escuchamos: La odiante, monólogo que forma parte de Crónicas Desquiciadas, de Indira Páez, escritora venezolana.

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Miriam Maldonado. Social worker, poet, and feminist fighter in Houston

All the feminists I know have one thing in common: they build on their temple. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we do our listening practice with Miriam Danmaris Maldonado, an outstanding woman with whom we talk about feminist movements, the defense of women’s rights, and the participation of men in this fight.

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César Camejo. Real Estate agent

We present our second interview for listening practices for INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED SPANISH LEARNERS.

Increase your understanding of Spanish by listening to this conversation with the Real Estate agent César Camejo. It is about the current situation in the area and the opportunities, as well as giving us useful recommendations. 🏗️

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