¡Hablemos claro!

The focus is
Spanish Interaction

The Spanish program in the classroom includes:

  • Spanish communicative activities for private or group classes (role-play, questions and answers, dialogues, natural speech practice).
  • Spanish activities guided by the instructor (reading comprehension questions, pronunciation practice).
  • Spanish exercises for learning and internalizing vocabulary and specific grammatical structures in Spanish.

Spanish Classes
An Immersive Experience

Let our  Spanish students tell you



This program follows the Common European Framework of Reference for languages (CEFR).


Noticias, canciones y más


Updated resources (readings, audios, news, videos, gramma tips, and songs) to help you learn faster and get closer to Latin American culture.

Libros especializados


We offer a customized option for specific fields: Oil and gas, law, health, education, and others.

more about our spanish in action

¿Snacks? ¿Tapas? ¿Pasapalos? ¿Botana?

We do not teach any specific dialect.  The Spanish we teach follows the Panhispánica rule, which is the most used and the most relevant. However, you will learn different accents and provenances of the Spanish language and culture. 

4 Communication skills

“I understand it more than I speak it”? “I can read it more than I can write it”? Well, we are talking about the four basic skills that need to be developed when we learn any language: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. 

Our focus is Speaking because usually, it is the skill you need to develop the most.

communicative method, task-based approach

The communicative focus, using the task- based method emphasizes the use of “real’ language, in real life situations 

This approach generates the need to communicate first. Learning is the second phase of the process.