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We have to determine your Spanish level and talk about what program are you interested in. Then, we will arrange your schedule, location, and assign any books or materials you will need. After everything is fixed, we need your payment, and now we are ready to start!

You will need to take an appropriate assessment test, written and spoken. This test follows the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) to determine linguistic and communicative competence levels.

It depends on your current level,  goals,  motivation, and how much time you dedicate studying and practicing. You have to meet certain communication and learning  parameters to approve any level. As a general idea, going from level A1 to C2 will take 420/450 class hours approximately.

When we make the first meeting to determine your level and interests, we will show you the programs options, describe the dynamics of our classes, and answer any question you might have.  You will know what to expect from our lessons, but  also you will have a courtesy  class to observe, first hand, a real interaction.

Our favorite program for the general Spanish course  is Gente Hoy, from Difusión. It is a communicative program with a functional task-based approach. It is practical, dynamic, and complete. For specific plans, we work with different books and teaching resources, depending on your goals.

We train and constantly supervise our teachers. They are not only native Spanish speakers but excellent professionals. The most important aspect is, all of them are committed with the Presente Perfecto methodology and identity.

On a few occasions, you could not fit the program or the teacher. In these cases, we need to review and reassign any of them. We also have a refund policy to be applied, under certain conditions, before the first 8 hours class taken.


We need you to pay for the whole course before starting. Presente Perfecto has a lot of payment options for you, like credit cards, transfers, venmo, checks, and other.

Reschedule and cancellations are only allowed to private classes. You will need to talk directly with your teacher at least within 24 hours in advance.

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