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Gente Hoy

Knowing the whole world of Spanish

• It is the most effective method of Spanish methodology in the last 20 years, reviewed and updated with the experiences and advice of more than 50 teachers.
• An immersion approach that first promotes the need to meet activity goals.
• Digital content from different Hispanic countries in the Difusión Campus: interactive digital book, audios and videos, audio transcripts,  complementary worksheets, glossaries, solutions, self-correcting grammar and lexicon activities, 2.0 tasks, songs, and complementary readings.


Compliments for program for speakers with specific needs

For Brazilians

Do you speak Portuñol?
• Contrastive grammar explanations, solving the main problems with Spanish Brazilian speakers, and specific activities on phonetics and pronunciation with audios.
• More than 100 grammar and vocabulary activities to reinforce the contents of Gente hoy 1.

For Professionals

Spanish for your job
• Aimed at young people and adults who work or are going to work in a context in which it is necessary to communicate in Spanish: economy, commerce, engineering, or tourism. Students may be studying Spanish with us or in any other institute, university, business schools, professional training centers.
• Includes cultural knowledge (geographical, economic, historical, etc.) and a DELE exam.


Direct to business!

• This program covers the entire language system from level A1 to B2 but always in a work context. Aimed at students who need Spanish to function in work environments.
• We offer perfect manuals to teach Spanish in different work environments following the task approach.
• They include videos with examples of companies, sample cover letters, CVs, reports, etc.

Programs Spanish


How to do…?
• Each unit is a how-to-do communicative goal, so it is a course with specific objectives for class lessons.
• 50 units grouped into eight thematic blocks that allow flexible work depending on the needs and tastes of the students.
• The work sequences are perfectly adapted to the class session.
• A course for students who already have some basic Spanish and will promotes up to B1.

Note: If the student is in 0 level, we create custom classes, which follow the idea of You to You, but with content adapted to their level.

De tú a tú


Let’s chat in Spanish!
• Classes for students from level B1 onwards. These meetings can be individual or in small groups.
• We use current articles, movies, videos, or recorded events that promote the quality of the conversation, according to the interest of each student.
• Our resources are mapped texts, voiced audios, and exploitation activities to have a clear focus on the linguistic emphasis of each encounter.



Spanish in action!
A student obtains knowledge and skills in two different areas at the same time. Naturally, Spanish is one of them.

Música programs

Music and Spanish

Instructor Enrique “Kique” Infante, musician and composer.

Songs are cultural, linguistic, and artistic documents. They constitute a powerful resource for teaching and learning a foreign language.
• Songs are textual products embedded in a melody, a harmony, and a rhythm,  transferred from the song
to speech.
• Songs immerse the student not only in the target language but culture.

• The songs are excellent for listening comprehension practice, vocabulary learning, or pronunciation because we have:
     -Drills before listening activate the students’ knowledge on the subject and listening comprehension strategies.
     -Activities to perform while listening to the song. Encouraging active, selective, or global listening according to the objectives pursued.
     -Activities to do after listening to the song. Those allow us to deepen and expand some relevant aspects of it.

Drama teacher programs

Theater and Spanish

Instructor Mary Carmen Briceño, actress and drama teacher.

The theater’s practice has many benefits, both for the native speaker and a foreign language.
• Spanish students who are encouraged to do this practice become more fluent and fluent. They also acquire better pronunciation and prosodic features: intonation, rhythm, pause, speed, typical of the language they are learning.

• Students learn and use new vocabulary and structures in context, and most importantly, the student sees how their learning evolves and therefore feels more confident using Spanish.
• Using drama as the practice is even better than typical classroom role play because it emphasizes body language, non-verbal language, emotional development, and relationships.

Cook Pablo Montaño

Cooking and Spanish

Instructor Pablo Montaño, chef.

The taste for cooking and food unites us universally. Knowing the popular and intimate recipes of the new place you aspire to belong. Its culinary treasures.
• Students learn the broad vocabulary related to cooking and food: number of nouns, adjectives to describe tastes, smells, textures, diversity of verbs, and adverbs.
• Practice the use of pronouns.

• They learn the variety of structures to give instructions, which in Spanish range from infinitive, impersonal, imperative sentences, or in people like you singular and plural.
• They know the value of recipes, which brings them closer to the knowledge of the culture in question.

How do you want your classes?

Private class

One-on-one  personalized learning. Customized exclusively for your needs. Choose private instruction if you need schedule flexibility and want to learn at your own pace. 


Group class

Choose small group learning (3-6 people) if you are looking for interacting with others while learning, need to learn on a sequential plan, have the same needs as other students, or want to learn on a set schedule.

Face-to-face / Online 

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20 hrs $1,200 ($60/hr)

50 hrs $2.750 ($55/hr)

100 hrs $5.000 ($50/hr)

2 Hours class / Twice a week (recommended)


20 hrs $1,000 ($50/hr)

50 hrs $2,250 ($45/hr)

100 hrs $4,000 ($40/hr)

2 Hours class / Twice a week (recommended)


50 hrs $1,500 ($30/hr) From 3 to 6 students. Create your own group.

50 hrs $1,750 ($35/hr). Semi-private, 2 students.

2 Hours class / Twice a week

Remember, you do not buy just teaching hours. You buy our Spanish support and accompaniment in and out of your classes.

All our packages include cultural and conversational practices, and assessments.

Books prices for our sequential program Gente Hoy: Textbook $95, Workbook $75. 
You will get both, the physical and digital presentation with free access to videos, gramma clips, exercises, readings, news, and more.
Sale taxes are included in our prices.
Miles traveled to your preferred place are subject to the standard milage rate in Texas ($0.58 per mile). This charge will be incurred per class.