Héctor de la Hoz. Neurologist, specialist in diseases of the mind

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In September we celebrate World Alzheimer’s Day. We talked about this and other similar diseases with Héctor de la Hoz, a Venezuelan neurologist and specialist in diseases of the mind.

In this listening comprehension practice for intermediate and advanced Spanish students, Dr. de la Hoz shared key tools to better understand the disease.

Try your listening comprehension, you can answer these questions:
✔️ What are the early symptoms that we should be able to interpret as warnings?
✔️ How can an early diagnosis help?
✔️ What recommendations does Dr de la Hoz give to take care of the caregiver?

😊 Pon en práctica tu español: te invitamos a escuchar la entrevista completa de Georgina Palencia y charlar con tu familiares y amigos sobre el Alzheimer.


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