María Ángeles Cossini. Co-founder of the Alianza EIS

We chatted with María Ángeles Cossini, the Co-founder of the Alianza EIS (Eco international school), about the importance of learning skills such as emotional intelligence.

María Ángeles is an expert in emotional intelligence for children, so she told us valuable phrases for the formation of our mind and our actions.

¿Podrías identificar esas frases que surgen de estas palabras?
– Autoconocimiento
– Autoestima
– Comunicación
– Habilidades sociales
– Escucha
– Asertividad

Además, pon atención a la diferencia de acentos entre Georgina y María Ángeles ¿los diferencias?

Leave us your comments, and remember you can practice as many times as you want with this and other videos on our #youtube 🎧 channel.


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