Miriam Maldonado. Social worker, poet, and feminist fighter in Houston

All the feminists I know have one thing in common: they build on their temple. To celebrate International Women’s Day, we do our listening practice with Miriam Danmaris Maldonado, an outstanding woman with whom we talk about feminist movements, the defense of women’s rights, and the participation of men in this fight.

Miriam is a Puerto Rican, Social worker, poet, and feminist fighter in Houston. She is a “Mujerón,” a form of augmentative for the attribute of being a woman in Spanish.

To demonstrate your listening comprehension with this talk, you can answer the questions.

¿A qué se dedican los movimientos feministas hoy día?
¿Las feministas están conscientes de esta nueva ola de rechazo de sus luchas?
¿Cuál es la participación del hombre en la lucha de la mujer?
¿Cuál es una forma de contribución al feminismo hoy?

Comprehension practices are for INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED students.
Leave us your comments, and remember that you can practice as many times as you want with this and other videos on our channel #youtube 🎧


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