Are you moving to Spain?

By Lucía Rodriguez.

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Are you thinking of moving to Spain? Yes, you will discover an amazing country. You will find more than  sun, sea, tapas and sangría.  It is a country with history, a sense of community, diversity, and extraordinary natural beauty.

With a famously laid-back lifestyle and a recovering economy Spain is appealing to a growing number of people, especially those  who have learned  Spanish.

As any other foreign culture you need to fit in well. The knowledge of culture will make it easier for you to adapt, and remember a big part of the culture is the native language. We strongly recommend taking Spanish classes before you decide to set off this adventure. Remember if you learn Spanish, it will be easier to adopt Spanish culture and traditions, therefore it will be easier for your self-adaptation.

Here we share some facts about Spain that could help you to make a decision.


Spain is the mother of Spanish language. It’s a beautiful language spoken  for 400/450 millions people all over the world with a  wide global influence on business and culture.

It started in Hispania (Iberian Peninsula) in the V century, under the Roma Empire, and derives from a vulgar spoken Latin. It was subsequently adopted by the Spanish Empire and, just as importantly, in the Spanish colonies established on the American continents.

Spanish is a Romance language, along with Italian, French, Portuguese and Romanian. Knowing its roots and relationships with other languages can help you better understand Spanish linguistically, historically and culturally. Plan your time to learn Spanish before your departure because it will give you an enormous confidence and sense of pertinence when you  move to Spain.

Perfect Climate

The weather is clearly one of the most attractive reasons for moving to Spain. It will give the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors, whether dining on the street, walking around, swimming, cycling or just soaking up the sun at the beach.

Spain enjoys a mixture of Mediterranean and oceanic climates with scorching summer highs and mild winter temperatures. The southern coast typically enjoys around 320 days of sunshine a year, as well as a year-round mild climate.


The country offers diverse landscapes for your enjoyment such as Mediterranean coasts, mountains, forests, and volcanic islands.  Because of the climate, vegetation is always blooming. Bougainvillea, jasmine and cannas and making your outdoor experience even better.

Living cost

Compared to many other countries, Spain tends to have a lower cost of living. Alcoholic beverages,  grocery items, gas, and restaurant food are all cheaper in Spain than in other countries.  Education and healthcare is public for citizens, even though you can find private options.

Talking about housing, the country offers incredible real estate opportunities. Those looking to move to Spain will find the system is very encouraging of foreign investment with tons of construction going on and low interest rates. 

Spanish Cuisine

The Spanish Mediterranean diet consists of seasonal and regional ingredients like eggies, seafood, jamón serrano, tortillas, chorizo, cheese. Many of these dishes present themselves as Tapas (small bites), a popular and sociable way to eat in Spain usually in a bar. You can take as many as you want, a snack or a whole meal, and of course, beer or wine will be part of the experience. Depending on the region, tapas are different. The sharing culture of tapas is a social affair which invites people to share and enjoy the best of Spanish cuisine.

Restaurants’ offers are infinite,  prices vary and quality is always good. Be prepared for a late dinner.


Spain has a welcoming approach to everyone. They always find an excuse to celebrate  popular and public parties. There are famous region’s cultural celebrations such as the popular Tomatina, Los San Fermines or the holy week in Seville. 

Spain is well known  for its music, from the iconic flamenco to the best  music festivals like the Sonac techno festival in Barcelona. The city is famous for its electronic music scene, the same as DJs in Ibiza.

A great selection of bars and clubs are generally open until 4:00 a.m. Children with parents are welcomed in bars. Yes, you don’t need to hire a baby sitter.Walking or public transportation are safe and available for the night owls.

If you decide to just stay in your neighborhood,  you’ll find people of all ages and backgrounds enjoying each other’s company.

International  and national connections

Spain is well connected by different transportation: air routes, high speed trains (Alta Velocidad Española) and suburban rail services, roads and highways. You can access the rest of mainland Europe easily or connect with another continent.

In the cities, the interurban system allows you to move without needing a car. Buses, trains, taxis, subways and walking distances will make your life easier.  

Ready to move to Spain?

If you’re ready to take the plunge and move to Spain you are making an excellent decision. The decision will be one of the best you will ever make. Don’t forget to be prepared for Spanish. In Presente Perfecto we have the ideal Spanish program for you. Not only will you learn the language but culture and traditions. This will be the first step to go forward with your adventure.

See you!

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