How to learn Spanish fast?

By Lucía Rodriguez.

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It doesn’t matter your reasons to learn Spanish. New job abroad? A Latinamerican boyfriend/girlfriend? Good business in México? In-laws from Madrid?

You want to learn Spanish fast.

We all know learning a language is a process where you have to invest time and effort. A process is affected by several factors, it is not a straight path. Your commitment, your method, your language-exposure will be part of this process.

Answering the question: How can I learn Spanish quickly? I want to give you some effective tips that will help you to go faster.


Immersion is a learning technique that means you need to be involved with the target language as much as possible. Immersion  places you in a space where you HAVE TO use the language. That happens 100% when you are in a different language country and you need to eat, to take a bus, to find a doctor, etc. You need to survive.

Immersion is an intuitive and natural way for learning. We all learn our native language through immersion. It means we are in the middle of the action, literally  constantly exposed to the language. Eventually, you will learn it, even if you do not try. That is the magic of immersion.

Immersion will help you to learn Spanish fast! No better option than traveling abroad to one of the many Spanish-speaking countries. However you can create an immersion  environment in your own country.

Immersion option when you are in your native language country?

Watching movies in Spanish using Spanish subtitles. Read short Spanish stories, do not go directly to García Márquez, it will frustrate you. Ask for tacos in your favorite taquería using whatever you know, people will appreciate your effort. If you are not shy about using Spanish  you will learn Spanish fast. And of course, take good Spanish classes with a real instructor.


Practicing listening is the first step to talking easily. Listening and speaking are linked. Once you understand better, you will speak better. You will improve not only your grammar structure, but your vocabulary, rhythm, pronunciation and accent.

Listening is a skill you have to develop through practice, not an easy one. Same as immersion, it is an intuitive approach to learning.

Resources? Infinite youtube videos in Spanish featuring your favorite subjects: traveling, food, recipes,drinks, plants, coffee, history…Listen to Spanish songs. You can find it by artist, subjects, nationalities. That way you will have your own preferences. I give you my favorites:  Enrique Iglesias, Natalia Lafourcade, Nella Rojas. Listen to Spanish podcasts and TEDs.  Change your GPS to Spanish. Alexa and Google could answer you in Spanish too.

Extra tip: try to write by hand what you listen to in short practices, yes I said by hand. Then you can get the transcripts and check. In our blog you can find oral and reading practices


This is for sure a way to learn Spanish faster. The class conversation is different from a real one. As an immersion process, you need to produce answers quickly without thinking too much when you are practicing conversation. You will master your listening and speaking skills by practicing every day. Think in conversational classes or exchanges, your friend from Perú, that Hispanic person who works with you, your relative who lives in Venezuela. Yes, telephone conversation is even better. Text message is also an excellent idea, tell each other things about your day.

The learning process depends on your attitude. Make changes, take decisions. Try consciously, create habits, schedule your practices. You will reach your objectives soon. Any course can assure you a 3 months learning process. A Spanish course gives you a sequence of content progress. However the time acquisition is up to you.

With these recommendations, now you know how to accelerate your process. Do your best to learn Spanish fast. Take two last advices:

-Don’t be shy

-Take Spanish classes with a real instructor.

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