Sexy, romantic, musical and universal. This is Spanish

By Georgina Palencia.

Read this article in Spanish and put your Spanish in Action now!

Each speaker may think his language is the most melodious, attractive or effective. Always tender to describe with positive values because it is difficult for someone not to love their most faithful contact tool, contact with themselves and with the environment, since childhood.

It’s like loving yourself.

However, some criteria and criticisms suggest that some languages are more beautiful than others, specifically taking about sound. Among the best scores are languages that prefer open syllables, which are those ending in vowel. If they do not end in a vowel, privilege fricative consonants, which are represented by f, z, y, s, and j (c and g in some contexts). Instead, those that frequently end in stop consonants, represented by p, b, t, v, d, c, and k (c and g in some contexts) are the worst rated.

The musicality of the language is associated with the freedom of it, and the occlusive phonemes retain the sound, capture it.

Speakers of French, Portuguese, or Italian are associated with sensuality, precisely because of the intonation curves of the languages they speak. Curves are always symbols of sensuality.

French is known as a romantic language, Portuguese is sensual, and Italian is musical. Not for nothing the opera is sung in the last one.

And yes, these three languages alternate between the first three places in all the linguistic critical references and also in the opinion of speakers. They are languages with more breadth of registers and cadences, with higher contrast accents, with vowel lengthening, with more open and oral vowels, with harmony and rhythm. This is how scholars speak.

Users say they are deep, smooth, precise, elegant, musical, and also contagious.

And the Spanish? Yes, it is also one of the most beautiful.

It is the fourth language that alternates with the other three between those three main places, including the first in some rankings.

But Spanish has an additional quality. It is much more universal and at the same time it has a number of varieties.

I tell my students that Spanish is like a human being: unique and at the same time diverse. That reassures them when they hear such disparate accents.

From Colombian Spanish, delicious as a paisa tray, to Valencian, colorful as the best-known paella in the world, Spanish, whatever dialect variety is, it spreads as fast as a linguistic pandemic.

More and more Anglo speakers want to be infected by the sound and functionality of Spanish, and they want to meet Hispanics and participate in their communities. They find the intonation of Spanish attractive and curious and want to assimilate it.

The intonation speaks for the person about his region of origin, his personality, his affective state, his expressive intention. Intonation makes the tongue sing and the speaker dance.

Do you want to speak the most sexy, romantic, musical and universal language on the planet?

Speak Spanish.

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